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Question - answer. Frequently Asked Questions.

 Where is your company located?
Our company is located in Latvia, Riga. Latvia is a full-fledged member state of the European Union. All companies registered on the territory of Latvia are the payers of unified European tax.

 Do I have to pay for customs clearance?
If you are on the territory of the EU you do not have to pay any customs duties.

 Is VAT included in the price?
All prices listed on the site include VAT. If you are on the territory of the European Union you do not have to pay VAT.

 I ordered a spare part, but it did not fit, what do I have to do?
If you have ordered a spare part, but it has not fit, we are ready to replace it.
The only exceptions are the spare parts specially ordered for you from the manufacturer. Such spare parts may be replaced only in the event a defect is discovered.


 Customized spare parts. Why is it necessary to order some parts from the manufacturer?
If the item you are ordering is for a rare car or the manufacturing of the car has been stopped a long time ago, it is possible that this part may not be in our stock. In this case, such a spare part can be obtained only by ordering it directly from the manufacturer. The delivery time for the ordered part may increase.
(We never order an item from the manufacturer without first agreeing with you on delivery time, in case the delivery time does not satisfy you, we will reimburse you for the amount spent).

 I received a WAIVER. Why?
You ordered an item and received a waiver. It is an unpleasant situation, however that happens. The reason you can get a waiver is the lack of the spare part in our warehouse and in the stock of our suppliers - manufacturers. In this case we will immediately reimburse you for the amount spent.

 I ordered and paid for the spare part, but I received a WAIVER. When will I receive a refund?
You can be sure that we will reimburse you the amount spent on the same day. We cannot grant that you will see the returned amount on your account on the same day, which is due to circumstances beyond our control. However in any case the refunding process will take no more than (1 to 2 days)

 How much time does the delivery take?
We do our best so that you can receive the order as quickly as possible. Usually we ship the order the next day after registration and payment. If for any reason we cannot quickly dispatch the order we will by all means notify you about it. (If the delivery time does not satisfy you, the amount spent by you will be returned)
If you are on the territory of the European Union the usual delivery time constitutes 4 to 6 working days.


Provided you wish to receive the Order within a period of 1 to 2 days, we can arrange express delivery. (This service has to be paid for separately).
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